Let us take you on a road less travelled

You spend over a year planning and working hard to make this day as special as possible. You are invested emotionally and financially to ensure that you and your guests will have a great day filled with rich experiences.
We are here to ensure your experiences stay in your memory, forever attached to that special date. This understanding increases our responsibility to provide you with quality creative documentation that captures the uniqueness of your day well after its passed.
A brief look through the wedding photography portfolio attests to the particular skill of our photography and our creative ability to  utilize lighting, composition dynamics, movement, sound, textures, colours, reflections and more. The ability to be flexible and spontaneously seize upon unplanned moments adds an intimate personal touch to your story and ensures emotions are captured to be re-lived.
Extensive *experience in a wide variety of film and photography genres provides our customers with, rich, original and creative work each time. Fourteen years of experience within the wedding industry both in Australia and abroad  gives us a better understanding of client needs and global market trends. As a boutique company, we are able to give maximum personalised attention to your individual particularities yet we pride ourselves on being able to remain price competitive against commercial companies who by virtue of volume are not set up to provide for the uniqueness of your experience.
Our service excels at good planning and communication with you at every step of the way. This ensures an easy going and relaxed atmosphere on your important day and makes the post wedding processes run smoothly. Our in-house production is streamlined and efficient. We are committed to providing you information ahead of time because we know how exciting it is to receive the final albums, and films a short time after the wedding.